I had tickets to see Star Wars last night. I've had these tickets since November 9th. I'm not exactly a super fan (read: I don't own any light sabers and my hair is too short to do the Princess Leia buns), but I do thoroughly enjoy the first three movies. (The second set? Meh.) So, I was very excited to go.

Then my daughter got hit by a tram. Luckily, it was pulling into a stop and so wasn't going fast and she only ended up with two badly sprained ankles and a trip to the emergency room. So, while my friends were enjoying Star Wars, I was in the emergency room. Here's what I learned.

Uber is the best thing ever.

We live in Switzerland, where public transportation is awesome. We don't own a car. The tram stop is a mere 3-minute walk from our house. But, when you have two injured ankles, that is not a pleasant trip. Taxis in Switzerland cost a bloomin' fortune, and I didn't want to call a friend because then this poor person would feel obligated to sit with us at the hospital. So, I downloaded the Uber app and requested a car. Four minutes from clicking "order" to the Uber driver being at my door-and we live in the suburbs.

We went to urgent care first, but they decided they wanted a pediatric expert to look at her since the injury was in the growth plate. I ordered up another Uber car and four minutes later we were on our way to the "Kinderspital." (Children's Hospital). After spending hours and hours in the emergency department, she was discharged with crutches, an air cast on one foot and a bandage on the other, and we ordered another Uber car-one minute later, we were on our way home. All for a reasonable price.

I asked each driver how long he/she had been driving and if they liked it. Of course, they were motivated to be positive, but all seemed to be genuinely happy with this gig.

A Portable Charger is a Sanity Saver.

My SmartPhone holds a charge like a sieve holds water. It's pathetic. So, I purchased a portable charger a while ago. When we headed to the hospital, my phone battery was at 50 percent, and my Kindle Fire was completely drained. Since I was bringing my younger son along with us, I snagged the Kindle on the way out the door. My portable battery kept not only my phone going, but allowed him to play constant video games on the Kindle Fire for our 5 hours stint in various medical facilities.

Technology Makes Friends Even More Friendly.

My daughter texted her friend. Her friend called their other friends, and their parents started contacting me, asking what they could do to help. My daughter felt so loved every time my phone would ding with another text or email. People say that technology has made us too separate, but I saw it bringing us together.

Medical People Are the Best.

Think about it-we just showed up at urgent care, and they saw us within 20 minutes. When they sent us to the emergency room, she was triaged within 5. The urgent care facility was able to provide the x-rays to the hospital, so no extra radiation. No appointments. Everyone was kind and friendly, even though they were missing the premier of Star Wars too. The nurse who had the unenviable task of putting an air cast on a very painful foot attached to a now crabby 12-year-old remained cheerful, even though my daughter had reached her emotional and pain limit. That's awesome.

Additionally, while we all speak German, English is our native language, and the doctors and nurses were more than willing to speak English with us. That's customer service.

I'm Still Sad I Missed Star Wars

But, it will still be in the theater for a while. In the meantime, I'm thankful for the great technology that made an accident much better than it would have been even five years earlier. I can't wait to see what the future brings, but I hope not to find out through another tram accident.