Utah is a reliably red state--most presidential candidates ignore Utah because no matter who is running, they are going to vote Republican. But this year, a presidential candidate called Evan McMullin has thrown the state into the mix. The little-known candidate, who is not even on the ballot in all 50 states, is running neck and neck with Trump and Clinton.

This is angering some Trump supporters, who think that Utah should have guaranteed Republican electors. Well, Trump supporter Lou Dobbs kind of lost it on Twitter:

Well, rude, calling McMullin a Mormon Mafia Tool. And the Mormon Mafia responded. Let how they responded be a lesson to you. (Hat tip to the Huffington Post, who found some of these tweets)

This isn't the only time Mormons have responded to rudeness with grace and good humor. When the offensive Broadway hit, The Book of Mormon came out, instead of organizing protests, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints simply bought ad space in the Playbill offering playgoers a chance to learn more about the actual Book of Mormon.

When I lived near the Mormon Church History Sites in Palmyra, New York, an anti-Mormon protester took up a spot outside the Joseph Smith Farm. What did the missionaries who worked at the visitor's center do? They went outside, gave the protester some lunch and let him know that he was more than welcome to come inside to beat the heat, get a drink or use the bathroom.

You're going to encounter rude people from time to time. You can scream and yell and threaten to sue, or you can respond like a Mormon: with humor, kindness, and baked goods. Only one of these methods makes everyone better off.