A few months ago, I wrote 5 Reasons Being a Solopreneur is Great. I still love working for myself, but sometimes I get a bit cranky. Like today. I'm on vacation and I checked my Twitter feed only to discover that I had run out of scheduled posts. Gah. Since I'm on vacation, this is the type of thing you'd send a quick text back to someone in the office and say, "Hey, I forgot to update Twitter. Can you do that for me?" and then go back to sipping cool drinks, but as a solopreneur, there is no one in the office.

Here are 5 reasons I hate being a solopreneur. 

1. There's nobody back at the office to do things for me.

No admin, no coworker, and no boss. It's me. Granted, I can hire a contractor (which I do for things like fixing my website), but that comes straight out of my pocket. 

2. Idea bouncing? Not as easy. 

Sure, I have friends and colleagues in the same business I'm in. I can email them or call them for help, but it's different than having someone sitting next to you. A colleague at the same company who you bounce ideas off is working towards the same goal--the company's success. When you work by yourself, everyone you bounce ideas off is doing you a favor. Frankly, I'm grateful for my friends and colleagues, but it would be nice to have a coworker or two.

3. Invoicing is my responsibility.

That should be a sufficient explanation to make you shudder. The other thing that's my responsibility is following up with clients who don't pay promptly. I have one client who has owed me $50 for over a year. It's not worth the money to hire a lawyer to chase her down, but it annoys me that she took advantage of me.

4. Good and bad decisions are my fault. 

Sometimes it would be awesome to say, "Well, that was Jane's idea. I told her it was a bad one, but she insisted!" Nope. If there's a screw up, it's my screw up. I'm a big girl and can take the heat when I've earned it, but by golly, sometimes it would be nice to blame someone else.

5. Irregular income.

Now, granted, I'm lucky enough to have a husband with a corporate job, so we have a guaranteed minimum income every month from his job, but if I was the sole breadwinner in the family, the fluctuating income would be even more annoying. Some months are awesome, others are not so great. And while it's great to be able to take time off whenever I want to, I do so without a paycheck, unless I'm willing to work on my time off. (Which I do, from time to time--see above.) Would be nice to have paid vacation days.

Overall, though, I do love being my own boss, but not everything about it is sunshine and roses.

Published on: Jul 5, 2016
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