After you stuffed yourself with turkey and pie yesterday, you may be planning on a day of bargain shopping. Don't. There is never anything available that makes the hassle worth it, but there are great reasons to head into the office instead. Here are five reasons you should ditch the mall for the office.

1. You can accomplish a ton.

If you want a chance to put your head down and just get things done, today is a great day to do it. While teamwork is great and all that, sometimes you just need to do work. When there's nobody stopping by your cube, it's pretty amazing how much you can get done. Since most of your co-workers will take advantage of an extra day off, you can get things done with no interruptions.

2. Email slows to a trickle

I live and die by my email, but not having any new ones popping in can make a day super productive. With many people not working, you're not getting new assignments. Clients aren't asking questions, and you may be able to get your actual email inbox down to manageable levels. Talk about a great day.

3. You have too much stuff as it is.

Do you really need any of those Black Friday specials? No? Of course not. Yes, you need to buy Christmas presents (if you and your friends and family celebrate) and general end of the year presents for your staff, but it's not going to be the blockbuster items. Don't fall in the trap of buying more than you need just because it's cheap. Cheap things are still a waste of money if you don't need it. Instead, think about cleaning out your basement. Since you don't want to clean out your basement, go to work to avoid it and earn money instead of spending it.

4. You can spread out.

With many people gone, you can take over a whole conference room to map out your plan for the next year. If you've got paper that needs organizing, now is the time to get that done. Take up all the space you need without worrying that someone is going to say, "Hey, I need the conference room right now!" (Of course, you should schedule the room so there aren't two of you that read this column and end up in a snit.)

5. Use your vacation for something other than fighting crowds.

While Americans tend to waste vacation days by not taking them at all, taking one to go to the store seems silly. If your company is open on Black Friday, don't waste a vacation day on it--use those for something fun. If you want to use the vacation day to shop, use it sometime in December when it's not as crowded and there are still plenty of deals out there.