Politics are crazy and the US system (while arguably one of the best in the world) has some whacky rules and practices. We kicked off this system with two nights of Democratic candidate debates.

I'm not here to endorse or even condemn a candidate. This first debate is the equivalent of the recruiter phone screen. We aren't making any decisions here; just determining who we want to look at more closely.

But people start declaring winners, parsing every phrase, and seeing how this candidate measures up against the incumbent, President Trump.

People cheer or boo responses and everyone is live tweeting. And, in reality, the only people who really know what it takes to do the job properly aren't generally consulted--the former presidents. In fact, the resume screening process is deeply flawed. You just announce you're running and the media chooses if you're cool enough to be included in the debate. Why? Did we hire them to be our phone-screeners? Did we mean to?

Of course, you need a ton of money to run for president, so either be rich or be good at sucking up to rich people or appealing to a zillion not so rich people. Sucking up to rich people probably isn't a quality we want our president to have, but that's how the system is designed. Because, no matter what you want to argue, rich people are the ones who have the money.

And the worst thing is, the hiring managers (that's all US citizens, at home or abroad) don't act like hiring managers. We act like we are just spectators in this sport. But, we are not. We are the hiring managers and we need to treat this like a job interview, not a beauty contest.

So, think about what qualities you really want in a president--just the same way you would think about the qualities you would want in your new marketing manager or administrative assistant. Don't be swayed by flashy or people who promise things that will be destructive to the country in general. Don't think just about your own needs but think the same way you would when hiring for your business--is this person good for the organization as a whole?

I don't know the answer to who the best candidate is, but remember that you are a hiring manager and you need to treat this contest the same way. And may the best person win.