What's your first morning thought when you open your eyes to the world? Do you replay old frustrations from the day before? Are you a list person who starts to check off what needs to be done in logical order? Are you caught up in the wants of those who you care about or who depend on you? Or do you push the snooze button and roll over for those extra few?

Simply stop.

That first instant when the sleep cycle leaves, right before you become conscious of your responsibilities, is filled with power. Here's a way to make that transition turn into magic moments that will dictate how the rest of your day will evolve.

During these first few minutes your brain in very receptive to influence. Use the time effectively.

It's time to prepare.

Louis Pasteur, famed biologist and chemist said it well "Fortune favors the prepared mind."

Think of this as a mental martial art, one that will keep you ready for whatever comes your way.

Here's the daily ritual that takes only 17 seconds, the time of 4 deep in-breaths and out-breaths, to prepare. It will make sure you can to get out on the right side of the bed.

Do this first.

Before you start thinking, remembering, deciding, charting, complaining or comparing challenge your sense of well-being. And please do not, hear me, do not push the snooze button. Research shows that snoozers are losers.

Instead, Say this first thing every morning.

"I appreciate who I am."

That's it.

Take this brief time and convince yourself that today's gonna be a good day. Let go of all the 'am nots' and 'could nots' and 'should nots.' When you have an attitude of appreciation for yourself you begin to untie all those knots of yesterday's disappointments.

Now, keep this good feeling thought for at least 17 seconds.

Here's what happens.

Think of this well-being thought like a full set of shock- absorbers. The day may get bumpy and yet, the annoyances of others will not hit you as hard. That doesn't mean you won't hear what is said. It means you will be in a better position to accept the annoyances of others without wanting to argue or avoid.

You are in a better position to just listen and respond rather than to judge, blame or attack. You can be with anyone anywhere and not be pushed to regret your reaction.

This morning practice will make you more aware of how you participate in the day. It's like a daily recalibration to keep you in a place of balance and calm.

Stay determined.

As you become more competent and disciplined in starting your day by convincing yourself of your self -worth and use this brief morning time to focus you will gain new clarity and better alignment. Then watch what happens as the experience of this new-found perspective starts to take hold.

Remember what Pasteur councils, "Fortune favors the prepared mind."

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