When it comes to celebrating at the goal line the rate of giving up is much higher than the rate of success. Ever wonder why there is so much discouragement and disappointment when on starting day the road to winning looked so clear and smooth?

First, you need to answer these three key questions to make sure you are on the right track for success:

  • What is the real reason you want to reach this goal?

This is the down deep question to decide if this is YOUR goal or one to please others. Pressure to run a marathon, push for a promotion, write a book, and win the award. These are often dictated by outside forces. Your family thinks you should get healthy, your boss thinks you should step it up at work, your lover thinks you need to be an author, and your kids are cheer-leading you to get the gold statue.

Is your goal being dictated by outside forces that have the word "should" in the sentence? If so, stop "should-ING" on yourself!"

The goals that are the most fulfilling are the ones that come from an inner force inside you that says you desire to accomplish and that what others think is secondary.

  • Do you have what it takes to accomplish your goal?

It is so easy to be seduced by the vision of goal completion. Often you will leap from now to new, from beginning to end point and forget what I call 'the ugly middle." And yes, there is always an ugly middle to every project. That is the time when it all seems impossible and you need to have the internal strength to keep on keeping on.

The road to goal mastery is filled with potholes and side roads. Along with your sheer determination you need some good people who are on your side, who believe in you.

An accountability coach is critical. This is someone who will challenge you when you are at that "can't do" place. It is someone who knows you can get there and sees your vision with you. An accountability coach will not rescue you, rather will simply be there to help you see another way, cheer you to take another step, or simply listen when you are in the middle of a "pity party" and ask you the right questions to get up and get going.

  • Have you developed exceptional strategies to get you there?

This is where you need time to plan before you execute. However, this is a tricky place. Start too soon and you will miss the opportunities. Wait too long and you miss the opportunities.

Do the research first. This is a must. No, it is not only about stats and deliverables. However without knowing your competition or checking out how others who have been successful have gotten to the goal you are wasting precious time.

Success comes more quickly to the prepared mind. Did I suggest you do the research before you leap? Do the research!

Then have a plan and execute. One more thing here. When you are ready to execute remember that sometimes a very small change of plans will can produce a super, amazing difference in the positive results. Flexibility is a vital key to making your dream a reality.

And please remember the words of Winston Churchill when he spoke at the commencement ceremony in 1941 at Harrow, the school where as a boy he's almost flunked out. The whole speech is exemplary. It was given at a time when the world was filled with the chaos and thunder of World War ll. His famous lines, repeated over decades, resonate today for everyone reaching for a goal "Never give in, never give in, never give in, never, never never never."