Entrepreneurs are experts at bringing new ideas to life. I am always told that is the fun part. However, then comes the point of no return, when the nit-ti-gritty daily routines must be managed and the excitement of creating gives way to details of operations.

For some amazing insights into how to harness the people power, and get another perspective of day to day business check out "The Profit" on CNBC and watch the magic of Marcus Lemonis, entrepreneur par excellence.

His straight shooting and clear language have saved many businesses from going belly up. And, as you will see, most of the time it is people stuff that gets in the way.

Think about your own endeavor:

There's that gal on your team that never stops complaining, or the hotshot who steamrolls others with his point of view and never listens to theirs. Then there is the old guard, constantly threatening to retire, well almost, and they are always challenging any new concepts, and then never add anything useful.

"It's just business", you say with a shrug.

Did you ever want to help your employees find out what's holding them back? Or holding you back? Ever want to kick a habit that won't let go or one you think you have mastered, only to have it boomerang with great intensity? Ever want to create a new way of relating to colleagues but haven't a clue where to start?

Here are the three ways to look outdated, ingrained habits and patterns in the face, and break free.

The three main ways of changing what is not working, for you or those on your team (hint: you need to start with you before you can be of help to others) is the way OUT:

  • OBSERVE your behavior to discern the patterns. Here is how it works. If you have a problem and you solve it, then good for you. It was just a problem. However, if you have a problem and no matter what you do it keeps boomeranging back to hit you in the face, well then, you have a pattern. How to know? Make a list of what goes on for two weeks. You will see who or what drives you up a wall.
  • UNDERSTAND and probe deeper to discover the origins of the patterns. Take a time out for yourself. Close the door. No distractions. Get a piece of paper and write out what is bothering you. Maybe a short paragraph. Now get up, go to the window. Breath. Keep breathing. Sit down again and answer this question with another piece of paper in front of you. When did you have these same feelings of frustration, disappointment, despair or whatever the emotion is that made you uneasy, queasy or foot stamping furious.
  • TRANSFORM by taking action to change your behavior. This is where you need to commit. It is where the rubber meets the road. Pattern transformation can change your life. Changing behavior in anything beyond a superficial way requires discipline, experimenting and practice. There are 13 major patterns that get in the way at work. They can all be changed. See which one is "sticky" and has your name on it. Avoider, persecutor/bully, victim, rescuer, drama king/queen, denier, super achiever, procrastinator, rebel, pleaser, martyr, clown or splitter.

Once you learn to harness your own power and not get caught in wasteful "gotcha games" you can then offer this to your team. The rewards are amazing--honest communication, better relationships, optimized teamwork, better financial results. And of course, the deep fulfillment that comes with living a more authentic life.