Key words in today's world are: inconsistency, disruption, ambiguity, confusion, uncertainty, abnormal, and frustration.

It has always been thus. The only difference is the speed of impact.

Just when you get used to "the new normal" there is another turn of events, in milliseconds. While sometimes you can see it coming, often there is no warning and you are taken totally by surprise.

Don't let uncertainty manage you. Here are four ways to be the winner when the world turns topsy-turvy:

  • Trust your gut: If you are driving to work and you get that queasy feeling that your normal route is blocked, take that turn and go down a different street to get to your destination. There may be an accident you will avoid, or an accident may avoid you.
  • Check your negative biases: pay attention to the fear mongering in your head where you stop spending your time dodging threats and turn your attention to the positives of taking a risk.
  • Go with the flow: you can only take one step at a time and as you do the next step will show itself, if you stop working so hard to do it the only way you decided it should be done.
  • Make a difference: cheer-lead the pack and contribute to the can do spirit that is there, underneath the oh crap moments where hope and innovative ideas reside.

We are all creatures of survival and we all are conditioned to use what has worked for us in the past before we decide to do life differently. Rather than wait for the moment when the big wind comes to push you over, learn to practice uncertainty. Let it become an exercise you do every day. Make change your best friend and call it into your life.

Go to a community meeting where the point of view is foreign to you and just listen, or better yet, ask some questions. Watch a film that would normally turn you off, and watch it all the way through. Hate love stories? Watch anyway and ask yourself what you can learn here. Detest shoot 'em ups? Don't turn away. Thank Quentin Tarantino for bringing the dark side into your life to explore.

You get the idea, do it and learn.

If you are prepared for the game to change you can be a change agent. If you are whining and whaling that change is unfair you are going to be left in the dirt in the road as those who have taken the change will soar ahead of you.

And if you find yourself becoming frozen in fear, hypnotized by the negative thoughts of 'unfair' or 'why me,' move. That's right. Get up and move. Do something, anything. Hit a wall, dance, call a friend, eat some chocolate, or go shopping.

Move your body and therefore you can begin to move your mind. Remember, in reality everything changes, that is all there is, change. Those who win are those who embrace change and become an ally with whatever life dishes out to you.

Life is full of unintended possibilities and you can use everything inside you to fertilize your world. Not sure how? Watch The Martian and let Matt Damon educate you.