In our fast paced world where job loyalty is no longer the norm, it is exciting and energizing to move from one career path to another in less than a year.

Resumes are no longer judged by how long you stay at a company as much as how creative you have been at what you are doing. Even graduating from college, once the gold standard of success is put into the background. In fact, often the question is "Why did you stay so long?"

Here are questions to ask yourself before you move on so you don't have the "could a, should a, would a regrets," haunt you as you move forward.

  • Where are you now and what makes you want to wake up in the morning? Watch the film "The Matrix" and pay attention to Mr. Anderson when he gets up to go to work.
  • Where is your dream for a magnificent tomorrow? Watch the film "Joy" to see what it takes to make your career happen.
  • What are the habits that you keep repeating that create the gap between now and new? Watch "Office Space," an oldie but goody, look at stuckness.
  • What do you need to experience or remember to kick the roadblocks that are an inevitable part of moving on? Watch the film "Truth" to see how the past shows up in present situations.
  • Who can help you see yourself and guide you on your path? No film here. Read some of the books on emotional intelligence and pattern breakthrough or get a coach to be a clear mirror for you.

It is not that long ago that people stayed in companies for 30 years to get a gold watch. And then what? Off to the senior center to do what? Those days are sliding into the memory books.

Life is so full of adventure and today there are no stops on the road to fulfillment and success. Just be careful not to make the same mistakes over and over. Make a mistake once, make a mistake twice and you are still on solid ground. Make the same mistake a third or fourth time and now, aha, it is a pattern that has to be addressed and changed. That is the only trap to be careful of.

So sit alone and look at your life at least every six months and answer the 5 questions above to get ready for whatever is next.