The name of today's business game is flexibility. Stay with anything too long and you will be seen as old-fashioned. This is not an age thing; it has to do with mindset.

When what you have to offer becomes stale, you need to adapt and adopt. Ideas are out there for you to grab and to iterate and iterate and iterate.

Here are 7 questions that you should refer to at least once a month to stay in the forefront of business.

  • What need does it fulfill? Will it make people healthier, wealthier or wiser? People want something that will enhance their lives and the lives of their family members. Remember, we still have the tribe mentality at our core and we do want to defend and protect those close to us.
  • How useful is it? This is not about price, as much as what it can do to create happiness or ease the loneliness or sadness we all experience at times. Think about toys aptly named "shut up toys." They are the ones that are under $2 and when a child is excessively annoying saying, "I want, I want" just about any parent will say "Fine, get it." Just to shut them up. Very useful!
  • How easy is it to learn? How quickly can people figure out what to do with your product or service? I learned this one the hard way. I was told that people respond well to lists. I thought this was too simple. It was only after I finally agreed to simplify my ideas that they began to catch on. Now, the 13 most common behavior patterns at work are used all over.
  • How easy is it to remember? Once you offer it to people can they figure it out again and again, or do they always have to call for support? If so, sooner or later someone else will make it easy to remember and your product will be left in the dust.
  • Does it consider the environment? Today, you better make sure what you have to offer is "green." More and more people are checking to see if what they buy is sustainable and non-polluting. This goes for leadership training as well as paint for your home or any other product or service. The competition is brutal so stay above the fray with quality in all you do.
  • Is it tweet-able? Make sure you have an engaging marketing message that can be repeated over and over in short sentences that contain emotional content. Get some good training in emotional intelligence and neuropsychology to help you craft your words.
  • Does it make you proud? Always think about your legacy; what your children and grandchildren will say about what you brought to this world. The more your business makes a positive difference the better you will sleep at night.

The world is moving faster and faster and it's up to you to be adaptable. Stay as long as necessary to polish your work. However, when the signs are there, that the world is passing you by, make the adjustments. Always ask yourself if what you are producing is creating more joy for you or simply being a burden.

Once the burden outweighs the joy it's time to reevaluate and re-engineer. Don't wait, activate.