When major change happens it involves a widespread and fundamental change of mind--a metanoia. It happens to everyone at some point in life, it often occurs through positive circumstances like marriage, having children, work promotions, and such. It also can be activated by job loss, divorce, war, and death of loved ones.

There are no instruction manuals for how to handle change.

This is when we look to leaders and teachers to guide us. Individuals undergo change all the time and certainly so do organizations. Business leaders who are ready to transform and make changes are at the forefront of helping the rest of us see new ways. This is use of power and position at its best.

The commitment that Mark and Priscilla recently made, along with others like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates, give strength to new perspectives of what really matters. They are great teachers by actions behind their words and their wealth.

There is hope.

Western culture shows impressive signs of weaving a new pattern. In spite of all the negative news, much good is happening. Social media is providing a platform so that we cannot just sweep abuses and difficulties under the rug. There are so many initiatives to do good work and call out those who are still in the old paradigm of selfishness and greed.

While most of us have grown up taking for granted that society can only survive and thrive with the core values of economic institutions and economic production and consumption, which has not always been the case. In fact, the economic and technological values that are stressed in modern society may well be the reason the earth is calling out for help so that future generations can benefit and be bountiful.

The letter to newborn Max Chan Zuckerberg will be read and reread throughout the world. It gives direction for how to use vast sums of money for the good of the whole. The core of any society must consider how to help individuals achieve their highest human potential, lead healthy lives and show ecological compassion.

The true ends of society are transcendental and include the needs of all.

What good is money if it is squirreled away as so many do? We need more role models who are visionaries willing to take a stand.

Toward a future for all.

Facebook is a business, a highly influential one. Yes, vast amounts of money have been amassed. Zuckerberg knows that business, with all its technological capabilities is a powerful shaping force for the future. He also has, as his letter suggests, a keen understanding that the central project of a society is about learning and human development. And he is putting his money to this end.

We live in a time of redefining the world. Since business has become the predominant institution in modern society it is at the forefront for reshaping our world. Business leaders have a great deal to do with bringing forth the guiding vision, the concept that everything is connected and no one wins unless we all do.

Let this be the mantra as we move into the new year.