How many more times will we hear that guns don't kill people, people kill people? Can you put yourself in the place, just for a moment, thinking about finding that your child was gunned down with an assault rifle in a school.

Who do we blame? The 'evil,' mentally ill young men with guns? The person who sold the gun? The NRA? The politicians who will not stand together to get a law passed to protect the innocent?

Can we point fingers at the greedy media moguls who rake in fortunes on big, noisy films filled with death and destruction that has crass language and no meaning other than to titillate?

What role do business leaders play in this time when we are becoming numb to shootings. Is this a time for all the great knowledge about change management at work to be put into play to move our society forward?

Is the legacy of the Industrial Era merely greed? Do we still need to keep producing more products than our planet can handle, to make more money and pride ourselves on the number of billionaires that keep getting added to the list year after year?

The culprit is in all of us.

The culprit is denial.

Past anger, pain, mistrust, and yes, greed lies denial. This is the psychological block to truth-seeking. We all have a well-known ability to NOT SEE (say this fast and cringe) what is psychologically disturbing.

The culprit is oppositionality.

Conflict is seen as choosing sides. We stand for or against and rarely use critical thinking. The 'other' is the enemy and people win when they get 'their side' to shout  the loudest.

The culprit is cultural bias.

Most of us have been culturally 'hypnotized' by accepting suggestions from our families and surroundings as to how we should perceive reality and we stay loyal to what we learned as youngsters.

The way OUT.

The real challenge for leaders is to ask the questions and listen and ask more questions. The force for fundamental change often comes from a middle- band of people who are beyond mere survival on one hand and do not have their financial base resting on the status quo.

Can the millennials band with the boomers and include the youngsters in high school and GenZ to form a better union? These are the groups that can ride the waves of change with the skill of accepting uncertainly. They can be, with astute leadership (that means you) be exhilarated by the opportunities of transformational change rather than fearful of them.

The theme song for today, taken from  Hamilton, the Musical, My Shot (ironic isn't it) can be today's rallying cry.

"I'm not throwing away my shot" meaning, I'm not going to waste, miss, be unprepared for a chance to succeed, do something significant.

Leaders, entrepreneurs, you are needed now more than ever to help.

Published on: Feb 19, 2018
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