This simple method takes only 5 minutes a day. It is not boring because each day you do something different. It keeps your mind engaged and curious. It keeps you progressing, sometimes even within hours.

This is about the entrenched patterns of behavior in your life, you know, the knee jerk ones you do without really thinking about them. It is about how to respond when someone triggers you to make a nasty comment or walk away as fast as you can.

Research indicates that it takes three months to get a habit/pattern to loosen its grip on you.

First, your task is to observe what drives you nuts. Is it the way someone demands something from you? Is it when promises are not kept? Or perhaps it is when you go into overwhelm with too many projects and not enough time?

The first month of the 5 minute routine is to keep a notebook with you and jot down whenever you feel discounted, frustrated, hurt or angry.

At the end of the month start to connect the dots. There will be themes of what exactly bother you in your own unique way.

I promise, the knots that come with upset will begin to unravel.

Month two of the 5 minute routine is to understand where this stuck behavior developed. Don't worry, you do not need years of counseling to figure this out. All you need are 5 minutes a day to look at the cluster of patterns and ask yourself the following question, "Where did this ever happen in my life when I was a kid?" Then wait 5 minutes for something to click for you.

It will.

Now for month three. This is when you do the strength training to transform the patterns and habits using the 5 second breath. Every time someone bugs you or you are told you did not do something right, or you did not win at work, take a deep breath and ask yourself what is the best way to respond.

You will get an instant answer.

If you agree to put aside 5 minutes a day to look yourself in the eye to observe, understand and transform the behaviors that annoy you a bit of magic happens. By the end of three months you will not get so plugged in by others. At the end of three months you will have less stress. At the end of three months you will be surprised at how you are able to glide through the day with more ease.

I have put together a guide for you to follow if you want a more descriptive method. Just know that you can do it. You can make the New Year one of more creativity by getting rid of the old baggage from the past that you no longer need.