There's a voice in you head, actually in everyone's head, that will look for excuses when your tired, overworked, or just plain bummed about something or someone. 

Life has a way of closing in, no matter how positive and creative you are. If you keep smiling all the time, all you do is push the annoyance down inside further and further. Not good. May cause digestive problems or worse.

You see that pile of boring stuff in the corner? You know, the stuff you put off, just because? Research shows that when you ignore what is annoying or difficult it will stay in the back of your mind and keep buzzing around. Kinda like a fly you swat and it thumbs its nose (er, wing) and keeps coming back.

"Great" I hear you saying, "Nothing new in you words of wisdom."

You're right. Although I do have one idea that I bet will help you get right to the tough stuff and get it done.

Dance it!

Huh, what in the world does that mean?

It means get off your duff and move. Shake your bootie. Shake your arms and legs.

If you start to move within 5 seconds of hearing that bothersome voice in your head, that voice always looking for excuses, you can stay in charge of getting done what needs to be done.

Don't believe me? Give it a shot the next time you begin to fold into a mass of jello, no strength to finish the project, make the phone call, email or text your colleague.

You CAN literally shake off the blues.

Tony Robbins found this to be true decades ago and puts it this way: "You have two choices when the going gets rough, either change your psychology or change your physiology."

Most of my coaching clients agree.It's easier to get up and move around a bit than it is to move the voices in your head. You don't have to go dancing for the evening. Just a few minutes will shake the cobwebs away and give you a new fire in your belly.

You know who has this one wrapped? It's little kids.They know how to use their bodies to change how they feel. So let the child in you lead the way.