You ever think your life is coming apart at the seams? Wonder when the bad vibes coming at you will ever stop?

We all have those times of discontent.

And, no amount of positive affirmations or smiling to pretend you are happy will reverse the curse. It takes more.

It's the kind of story that you (and I) need to keep in mind when we have days or weeks or even months that seem to stay on the dark side of the scale.

Bill and his daughter Chelsea were in Haiti shortly after the devastating earthquake in 2010 that tore the island to shreds. There was death and destruction everywhere.

Not today.

Clinton asked his entourage to go over and buy some of the paintings. He had just purchased several pieces when he heard a voice call him over.

"You bought from me last time you were here, Mr. President, why not today?"

The former President went to talk with this man who told him he lost his wife and children in the recent tragedy.

"Why are you here today?" was the key question.

This man's response is for all of us, whenever we are down and out.

"I am here with my art to show that I can begin again. I know it will help others, as well as help me. If I can pick myself up they can too."

So, there you have it. The courage to begin again.

Sometimes you can gain strength and hope by watching others. We are all in this life together and when one is strong it can make a difference for all those who are in the vicinity.

In fact, now, with social media at our disposal we can help each other by telling our stories of how we pulled ourselves out of deep holes of despair and depression, how we learned to begin again.

We are all heroes of a thousand faces, as author and educator, Joseph Campbell has said.

What is your story? Share it here and know that by doing so you will be giving courage and strength to others.

This is so much more powerful than shouting at fate or bad luck for the injustices of the world. That's an old model deeply ingrained through past generations to judge, blame and attack.

Be a #PatternPioneer. Be a change agent and give others your hand. You can be a model of courage to reach out and touch someone.