The Synchrony Pillars Project set out to celebrate 10 individuals who define what it means to be from a particular place, help elevate their local economies, and foster community pride. Levon Arnold's story of selfless service makes him a true pillar of the Boise community.



Long Arm Mechanics is an auto repair business built around a simple, profound mission statement: Every car counts, not more cars count.

Owner Levon Arnold began his career in 2011, conducting repairs on "a dirt lot in the middle of nowhere," he says. After starting small, he was soon servicing entire fleets. Soon enough, his business merited its own shop.

"While my entrepreneurial journey has evolved from performing great repairs on my own to creating a business that performs great repairs, the values have not changed," he says.

Long Arm Mechanics got its name from Arnold's massive wingspan. At 6 feet, 6 inches, Arnold finds his reach comes in handy. "Engine compartments have gotten a lot tighter than they used to be," he notes. "Having long arms is a real advantage."

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Arnold grew up in Boise, Idaho, but yearned for a taste of city life, so he eventually moved to Seattle--but returned to his roots to launch his business. "I felt my contributions would go a lot further in a community like Boise," he says. "Everybody knows everybody, and I can give the people I'm helping more substantial support."

Arnold's contributions include his Green Light Outreach Program, which repairs cars free of charge for community members in need.

"Sometimes the ability to safely and reliably get to work can be the difference between full employment and the chance for a successful future or, on the other hand, unemployment and the possibility of a devastating impact on the family," he says. Helping families get to where they need to go is yet another way that Long Arm's reach is making its community stronger.