When Synchrony set about identifying 10 business leaders to be honored as part of the first annual Synchrony Pillars Project, one of the most important criteria in the judging process was their devotion to their communities.

Once the 10 winners, the "Synchrony Pillars," were chosen, each was asked to provide an "object lesson," the backstory of one physical item that captures exactly what their communities mean to them. Below are their answers, as varied and compelling as the winners themselves:

Meelad Dezfooli

Best Buy Flooring | Henderson, NV

The Las Vegas area has been very good to my family, and we have been fortunate to provide jobs for Las Vegas locals who might not otherwise have found work.

Jennifer Nobile

Pollard's Sew Creative | Glendora, CA

A needle and thread, in that it stitches the communities I'm engaged with together.

Sara Vincent

Gowanda Harley-Davidson | Gowanda, NY

I imagine a Harley-Davidson from 1947 (the year we started). Tourists come from all over just to see our dealership, and we send them into our small town to shop, eat, and support the local community.

Bill Harvey

Buddy Roger's Music | Cincinnati, OH

The saxophone is an object that absolutely connects us to the community. Cincinnati is rich in music and the arts. The sound of the sax wafting out over the Ohio River is something that can be quite beautiful and relaxing.

Benjamin Madary

Cycleworks | Lake Jackson, TX

A black IKEA table in my shop. We've been told it's a terrible use of floor space, but honestly we don't care. The table is an open-invite meeting place for anyone in the community.

Renee Spresser

Pauls Funiture Company | Selden, KS

A bouquet of wheat that represents Kansas. The farm economy drives everything in Kansas.

Cynthia Katz Sigadel

Harry Katz Carpet One Floor & Home | Mineola, NY

My grandfather was a founding member of the Mineola Chamber of Commerce. To me, the building symbolizes our long history in Mineola and how we've helped build a small town into a thriving community.

Samir Maharjan

Classic Diamonds & Jewelry | New York, NY

We have a special display of flags representing buyers of ours from all around the globe. These have become a permanent fixture in our community!

Cara Dau Allen

Dau Furniture | Ellisville, MO

We are blessed to be able to help the community by donating mattresses to people transitioning out of homelessness, children in the foster system, veterans, and many people in need.

Levon Arnold

Long Arm Mechanics | Boise, ID

A vehicle is what represents community to me. I drive a 1998 Subaru Forester Station Wagon. It's got a big old dent on the passenger side, but I don't care. It's more important to me to be financially stable.

Published on: Oct 29, 2019