The Synchrony Pillars Project set out to celebrate 10 individuals who define what it means to be from a particular place, help elevate their local economies, and foster community pride. Samir Majarjan has built a remarkable business while never forgetting his cultural roots.



The jewelry business has taken Samir Maharjan far in life. Born in Nepal, Maharjan was introduced to the industry by his older brother. Thanks to a combination of hard work and beautiful jewelry, the family business took off.

When the decision was made to expand internationally, New York City was a natural choice due to its substantial Nepalese population. Samir was chosen to make the 7,500-mile journey.

Maharjan set up his first store, a booth just 5-feet wide, on 47th Street in the heart of Manhattan's Diamond District. The booth was an immediate hit, which quickly allowed him to move to a store in Jackson Heights, Queens. He later opened stores in Maryland and California, embodying a classic immigrant success story.

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With Classic Diamonds & Jewelry well-established in America, Maharjan's objective is to recreate the powerful sense of community in his adopted country that marks life in his native Nepal.

"'Community' is not just a word to me. It's everything. And I'm very glad that I can serve that community in America financially, morally, and in every way possible," he says.

Maharjan uses his hard-won knowledge to help others. He serves as a mentor and role model to Nepalese business owners and to those dreaming of starting their own business. "I want to teach them entrepreneurial concepts, so they're not limited in what's possible for them," he explains. "I want them to see opportunity and grab it."