Using technological innovation to successfully disrupt a long-established industry is no small feat, but ZOOMcatalog has already checked off the box next to that goal. In developing the technology solutions they used to help bring the promotional products industry into the digital age, they realized that businesses in other sectors could also benefit from the advantages their solutions provide. The next stage in this T-Mobile Unleash Your Business contest winner’s evolution is focusing on those new opportunities and capitalizing on them.

The cornerstone of Boulder, Colorado-based ZOOMcatalog’s success to date is a Web-based digital catalog that is optimized and searchable, returning a number of unique benefits to its users. Chief among them are cost-reducing catalog distribution capabilities that mimic and enforce the promotional products industry’s rules to protect distributors and suppliers. “Optimized search enables distributors and consumers to quickly find products at lightning speeds,” explains Bryony Zasman, the company’s director of marketing and co-founder. Zasman’s mother, company president Noleen Zasman, and Zasman’s sister, director of business development Donna Lomazini are also co-founders.

ZOOMcatalog’s solutions create digital replicas of suppliers’ catalogs and flyers. Coupons are even available on distributor-protected areas. Customers have everything they need in one place and accessible with one search. Other benefits the platform provides include:

* Affordable digital replica production and marketing services.

* A patented system for extracting product data from catalogs to make them fully searchable within the ZOOMcatalog search engine.

* Optimized catalog search, making product information available on the web and mobile instantaneously and around the clock, eliminating the weeks- and sometimes months-long wait for print catalogs.

* A robust distribution system that places the catalogs in hundreds of places throughout the web.

* In depth, live tracking and analytics

* White label catalogs and flyers which can be rebranded by users.

“The entire promotional products community can search and view catalogs on ZOOMcatalog,” Bryony says. “Distributors and consumers can research products, find products that meet their needs, and discover new and unusual products. As more suppliers produce digital replicas of their catalogs to increase their business and reduce their print and distribution costs, ZOOMcatalog is enabling them to reach a much larger audience.”

The company’s initial success spawned the creation of additional technology solutions, such as ZOOMcustom. This solution lets promotional products suppliers electronically strip their branding from their catalogs and design files. It also gives their customers, who are distributors, the ability to digitally add their own logos, contact information, and other pertinent data. “Basically, the distributors are able to ‘white label’ the supplier’s catalog as if it were their own,” Bryony says. Distributors can also use the tool to quickly and efficiently create customized marketing and presentation materials to pitch new customers.

Demand for more tools like ZOOMcustom has been one of the engines driving the company’s growth, and ZOOMcatalog is constantly evolving its technology to meet that demand. It’s already secured multiple patents on its creations, and the team is convinced that even greater things lie ahead. “We are expanding the amount of business we do with our existing customers, adding new customers to our base all the time, and getting ready to expand internationally-;and that’s all within the promotional products industry,” Bryony says. “But the other really awesome thing about our software and our program and our patents is that it all applies to pretty much any industry that relies on the same manufacturer/supplier/distributor model that underlies the promotional products industry. That’s a potential market base that includes a huge number of industries, and some of them are already reaching out to us.”

Through all of its growth and evolution to date, its current efforts to rebrand and redesign its entire system while migrating towards a mobile interface, and its ambitious plans for both internal and external expansion going forward, ZOOMcatalog has relied on technology as the lynchpin for its success.

“That is one of the main reasons we are so excited to have been selected as a winner of the T-Mobile Unleash Your Business contest,” Bryony says. “Our team members are constantly on the move, and some of our employees work remotely. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 tablets and the T-Mobile data plans that are part of our prize package make it easy for us to stay in touch with each other, with our customers, and with new sales prospects. T-Mobile’s network reliability is fantastic, and it even includes unlimited usage in Canada and Mexico, which are among the markets we’re eyeing for international growth.”

With the company experiencing such dynamic growth, the only thing certain about ZOOMcatalog’s future is that it will include more change and, its founders are convinced, more success. Self-funded to date, increased interest in its custom integration and development offerings has the management team thinking about seeking investor financing. No matter what the future holds, however, one thing will remain constant.

“ZOOMcatalog was created to disrupt via technology,” Bryony says. “Our proven formula has successfully innovated the timeless medium of product catalogs in a well-established promotional products industry, and it is now expanding to do the same for other industries with the same underlying business model.”