One of the great things about today’s mobile technology is the way it helps level the playing field for small businesses. Advanced technologies can help smaller businesses make up for resource and scale deficits, and provide them with capabilities once reserved for only the largest companies. Right now, there are a number of fantastic, affordable tools that businesses can use to help increase productivity and reduce costs.

Take control of your vehicle fleet

Managing and maintaining a vehicle fleet is one of the biggest cost drivers for many of the businesses we work with. Even for smaller fleets, vehicles present all sorts of challenges and costs can easily soar. How you do maintain your vehicles, how do you ensure your team is taking good care of your assets? Where are they at any given time, and how efficiently are they running? And, most importantly, how can I keep my employee drivers safe?

T-Mobile’s new solution, SyncUp FLEET, is a game changer for helping to solve those pain points and a huge asset for businesses that want to take more control over vehicle costs.

SyncUp FLEET leverages a variety of technologies under the umbrella of the Internet of Things (IoT).  IoT technologies gather critical data from sensors and that data can be analyzed and acted upon to improve business processes and generate savings.

Concerned that drivers aren’t taking the most efficient routes? FLEET gives you insights into driver behavior to help you plan the best routes and help reduce fuel costs. Does the vehicle need maintenance? Use FLEET to proactively identify concerns before they turn into critical safety issues.

Vehicles can incorporate GPS, fuel and tire pressure monitors and even help to monitor driver behaviors (like speed and erratic driving).

Vehicle tracking doesn’t have to be overly complex, either. SyncUp FLEET plugs into the diagnostic port for most vehicles, and has an intuitive user interface. Plus, FLEET’s Hours of Service app helps you collect data to make sure your business is in compliance with the latest federal regulations on employee hours spent driving.

Ultimately, solutions like FLEET not only help protect your people and your vehicle assets, but can improve your bottom line, too. And all of that helps keep your business running smoothly and growing fast.

Mike Katz is Senior Vice-President for T-Mobile for Business. You can find him on Twitter @KatzMike