As podcasts continue to boom in popularity, more and more listeners use them as a way to find inspiration and education to further their professional endeavors. For anyone working in content marketing, or whose job performance relies heavily on words and "spin" in general, these content marketing podcasts can help keep you up to date and fully energized whether tackling writing, social media and digital strategy, general marketing, or (likely) some combination of these. Here's the roundup:

This podcast is about "inspiring anyone in a creative position by giving you a glimpse into the lives and creative process of the most remarkable people you know." With episodes featuring guests like Seth Godin, C.C. Chapman, Ryan Holiday, and other marketing gurus, there's bound to be something to light a fire in you here.

CopyBlogger FM is a weekly podcast featuring host Sonia Simone's interviews with a rotating cast of experts who analyze the week in copywriting, content marketing, email marketing, conversion optimization, mindset, and more. With this podcast's deep library of 100+ episodes, you can "binge listen" for your own content marketing intensive.

This podcast wants to be your "weekly sandbox for social media stories, insights, experimentation, and learning." Subjects range from focused strategies like using Instagram stories for business to broader initiatives, like setting up an annual social media strategy.

This highly rated daily podcast covers digital media and marketing, and how digital is transforming business--and even life. If you can't listen daily, tune in to the weekly recap to catch the highlights.

This podcast promises "powerful stories of people questioning convention and simple models for making intuition a practical tool." Step outside of your comfort zone and spark your creativity via profiles on breakout companies like Death Wish Coffee and Grado Labs, who dared to ignore the experts. Acunzo hopes you'll find inspiration to stop trusting conventional thinking and start trusting your intuition.

Just like Hanley's eponymous book, this podcast is all about differentiation and winning the battle for attention online. With topics ranging from content marketing to podcasting and audience building, Hanley features guests like Chris Brogan, Michael Port, Jay Baer, and more to tap the brains of marketing's best and brightest.

Seth Price's podcast focuses on marketing by people who do it for a living: marketers, creatives, and entrepreneurs. This podcast provides strategies, tips, and tactics to leave you with actionable ideas to apply to your own marketing challenges. These are the war stories of marketers on the frontlines.

There are many podcasts related to marketing, digital strategy, social media, content, and so on. If you haven't tried out podcasts as a way to stay on top of your own professional development, give these a listen to see which ones resonate for you. And if you have a recommendation for an exceptional podcast in the content marketing space, let us know in the comments below!