Content is currency in today's high-tech digital world. Bloggers, podcasters, and social media gurus dominate the online space with new and creative content on a day-to-day basis. Accordingly, the demand for fresh and creative content to stay competitive in the digital space makes staying relevant a trying job. Here are some simple tools to save you and your content calendar some much needed time.

Reverse Engineer Your Content 

Sometimes it helps to take a step back and look at what you already have in your content arsenal. You can repurpose much of what you already have if you go about it strategically.

If you are actively podcasting, you have months of content at your fingertips. Script your podcast episodes and break them down into digestible pieces. Take some key elements of the episodes and create 2-4 (based on the length of the podcast) relevant blog posts on the subject. Then, choose some snippets of your favorite sections of the podcast to create short videos. These videos can be used as social media teaser content, to promote upcoming episodes, and to add engagement to your scheduled social media postings. 

If you are an active blogger, you know that consistency and maintaining a growing mailing list is critical to your growth. Break down sections of your blog posts into posts tailored to your social media platform of choice. Tweak the text to fit the dimensions of a caption or description and post away. You have already written the copy and the content lives online.

If you have podcast scripts and blog posts, you also have newsletter and mailing list updates ready to go. Trim your scripted episode or blog post into relevant weekly topics and expand on certain elements. From there you have key takeaways and can link to either a podcast episode or blog post to deepen the messaging with your audience. For example, if I had done a podcast on working from home which mentioned recent research supporting or opposing it, I would make a quick mention of the topic and provide a link to the podcast, the research, and any additional supporting or contrarian viewpoints that might be quick to find while providing interesting counterpoints.

Redistribute Your Content 

As you refine your content to cater to your listeners, you may discover that some of your older content is perfectly relevant for them regardless of its age. Linking some older content the new in both your newsletters and blog posts will guide traffic back to that old content to boost SEO, introduce newer followers to your older work, and sustain your original pieces. Additionally, sharing your older content on your social media will be interesting to your followers, thereby gaining some movement in sharing and curating. 

Curate Your Content 

If you are an active blogger, engage in content curation. Content curation is "the act of discovering, gathering, and presenting digital content that surrounds a specific subject matter." A staple for multimedia professionals like bloggers and digital marketers, content curation differs from content creation in that it doesn't always include original content,  instead pulling relevant and credible content from a variety of sources. Bloggers and marketers content curate to build relationships with other content generators. Using content from other credible sources builds a relationship and opens the door for exchanges: you curate their content, and they curate yours. Content curation plays a big part in redistributing your content in a manageable way that in turn awards you fresh, new material and opportunities for partnerships, guest blogging, and so on with other publications. 

Content is the name of the digital game, and it can make or break your success. That being said, crafting new and creative content each week is a job in itself. You may have a goldmine of past content already written or recorded at your fingertips that shouldn't be wasting away on your website, not gaining any SEO or viewership value. Use a few of these simple tips to repurpose that work and craft it into new content to share on a wider scale.