The digital world moves at warp-speed. Between bots, artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency, and more--human connection can easily get lost. However, authenticity and human interaction are still vital elements for performance success for most businesses. 

Automation and a human touch can coexist, however. The key is finding a balance that supports both efficiency and human connection. 

Here are some ways to weave human connection into your business operations. 

Meaningful Interactions 

 Bots and automated service operations can reduce customer service department loads, but human connection reduces along with it. This means the time that your clients and customers actually spend with a live customer service representative should be memorable. 
In Hubspot's Inbound flywheel method, they encourage customer-facing roles to delight clients and customers at every stage. This is a great reminder for the customer experience. With technology taking over many stages of interaction, the process of speaking with a customer or client should be meaningful. Take a fresh look at leveling up your service operations to ensure your customer interactions delight them and convey that their time and patronage is valued.

Personalized Approach 

In successful business development approaches, outreach plays a major role. Direct messaging, cold calling, emailing, and other forms of outreach are all outreach tools to engage with a potential client or customer. It is important to remember that you are the acting face of your company, and this is should be a memorable first impression. 

In your initial conversation, establish a connection by complimenting their work (could be a podcast they did or recent press coverage) before jumping into a sales pitch. People appreciate feeling like they're not just another number or part of an automated strategy. Customize your outreach to create a relationship with each new prospect. Should your outreach turn into a phone call, try for a Zoom or Skype video chat. Putting a friendly face with a name helps prospects and clients feel more connected to an actual person and makes the conversation more impactful.

Humanistic Process 

Through the entire buyer's journey of attracting, engaging, and delighting, it's important to remember that your audience is made up of real people who constantly change and evolve. The human connection is a key factor in the conversion success rate of your business and its referrals. 

Your customers constantly move through major life transitions, and automation doesn't always consider these. To the extent that you can map the client experience over time and create content or other support that caters to their specific needs, you'll emulate a customized and attentive approach in your automated contact. For instance, if you bought a car five years ago, you probably started receiving trade-in communications about a year before your purchase or lease term was up. Planting these seeds at the right time makes the customer feel noticed and sets you up to keep them for the long term. 

In an age of automation, it isn't uncommon to let human interaction fall to the back-burner. It's critical to weave human connection into the fast-paced digital updates of the business world.