As you reflect on the past year and get ready for 2020, remember that this time of year is also ripe for revisiting your passion and purpose. Why are you in this business? What was the vision that started it all?

We can easily forget why we're doing what we're doing when we get bogged down in our daily grind. You answer emails, you go to meetings, you meet deadline after deadline, and you repeat. Unfortunately, when you lose sight of your underlying purpose, you also stop searching for ways to innovate and improve. So here are some top tips on how to stay focused on your passion and purpose in 2020.

Remember the Story

Storytelling is a key component of every company's why statement, regardless of the industry. In some businesses, you might have limited interactions with other humans in the office. Your daily routine may involve mostly human-to-machine interfacing, creating a drift from the human element of your company's mission. 

It's important to go back to the beginning. What human problem was this business created to address? Who does your work directly impact, and why is it important? What are the major milestones or turning points in the company's growth? What are the value statements that your business embraces? Asking yourself questions like these will remind you of the human story that led you down this path to begin with. 

Make it a Centerpiece

Once you've reidentified your company story, bring it to the forefront of your work. Use storytelling in how you interact with clients, your coworkers, and even yourself. 

Prominently feature your company values and story in client-facing materials so that like-minded people can feel connected with your business.

Another tip is to begin meetings by briefly revisiting your "why" statement. This practice aligns the team and inspires them to connect with purpose. 

One way my team connects with values is by referencing our core values when we give cross-departmental praise in monthly meetings. We share thanks and accolades for a job well done and tie each one to a value. This keeps our values top of mind and provides a great touchstone for us to give and receive appreciation.

Share it With Others

A compelling company story is essential to amplify your brand as one connected to a big-picture mission. This might involve creating content such as blog posts that reference your company story, working it into your social media strategy, or sharing it in presentations or videos. Writing a book is also a powerful way to connect your story and purpose to your brand.

Storytelling is an inherently compelling communication tool, and it pulls double duty by enhancing your brand and aligning your team.

As the new year takes form, consider meeting with your team to revisit the importance of your company's mission. Laying this groundwork will help them understand why the work they do every day truly matters.

Published on: Jan 3, 2020
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