Most of us have had a stare down with a blinking cursor at some point in our writing past. It doesn't matter if it's a blog post, a proposal, an important email, or a chapter of that book you're working on - sometimes, getting started on an important piece of writing is the hardest part.

If you find yourself in that scenario, sometimes a little nudge of inspiration or perspective is all it takes to get unstuck. Check out these five Ted Talks to get that pen (or keyboard) moving.

Kelley is the founder of the design and innovation company IDEO. His talk unpacks the fear of judgment that can keep creative juices locked up. He emphasizes that we are all creative, and that acknowledging this about ourselves can be the first step towards having the proper mindset to create and innovate.

This is the Ted Talk version of writer and artist Austin Kleon's successful book Steal Like An Artist. Ultimately, it speaks to inspiration and liberating ourselves to iterate on other ideas versus feeling overwhelmed by the daunting proposition of creating something 100% original (if there is such a thing).

Author Elizabeth Gilbert gives an eloquent and empowering talk about the nature of creativity and the human spirit.

It's well established that strong communication is built on story, which helps us to understand and relate to concepts and experiences. Effective storytelling is a skill worth learning to bolster both your speaking and writing skills. Literary agent Julian Friedmann's talk dives into the critical elements of strong storytelling, from character to structure and setting.

Filmmaker Andrew Stanton discusses the process of structuring a strong story, working from the end back to the beginning. He highlights the elements of drama and wonder and the power of a theme.

Now that you are feeling inspired and informed, tap your own creative genius to knock out your next piece of writing!