Yes, I'm being tongue in cheek with that headline. Is there really anything better than green beer on St. Paddy's day? Apple-istas will probably disagree with me this year. Tomorrow, it seems, the latest version of iPhone software (3.0) will debut.

In the world of software, version 3.0 is usually a big step. If people were software, version 3.0 would be the legal drinking age (just in time for all that green beer). It is almost synonymous with the word maturity.

Apple watchers, therefore, are expecting big things tomorrow. No pressure. Last year, about this time, Apple unveiled iPhone 2.0 software that included the app store. That's a big upgrade between v 1.0 and v 2.0, which sets the stage for even bigger expectations tomorrow.

More interesting to me:

- Apple has a rhythm going here. New iPhones get released in June, with the next version of software coming out in late winter that supports and even newer version of the next iPhone handset coming out in June, again. With this latest software version coming out tomorrow, Apple is right on schedule setting the table for that new hardware version to come out again this summer. Get the lawn chairs ready.

- All of those people who camped out in lawn chairs a couple of years ago to buy that first version of the iPhone for $600 will be hitting the end of their first service contract with AT&T this June. Hmmm... what will Apple do persuade them to sign up again?

- Will the new 3.0 software work with all those "jailbreak" iPhones out there?

- Regardless of what happens this summer with all those June contracts expiring and whether Apple will release a new iPhone or not; what about Steve Jobs promised return to work about that time?

p.s. Who cares about another iPhone upgrade?

If users had to choose, I'm guessing they'd prefer better coverage with what they have from AT&T than whatever new bling gets announced tomorrow. iPhone users in the heart of Silicon Valley (that would be San Jose somewhere between Valley Fair Mall and the Rosicrucian Museum) can't even get a decent signal. Dropout is apparantly rampant just exits away down 280 from Apple's main campus in Cupertino.

Meanwhile, Austin, TX is hosting the South by Southwest (SXSW) Conference right now. Just about everyone at the annual tech festival has an iPhone and that meant that just about everyone found themselves living in the last century while inside the Austin Convention Center during the first couple of days of the conference. Apparantly, AT&T really blew it in beefing up their 3G coverage in time for the event. As of last night, AT&T has promised iPhone bearing convention-goers a working signal starting today.