I live in Austin, TX which means that it's convertible weather all the time except in the middle of the day in the summer, when it's about 3000 degrees and we all cower in air conditioned buildings.

It also basically never rains, so I drive with the top down just about all the time, everywhere.

So I although I love my Blue Ant earbud thingy I was loathe to try it out on anybody I really wanted to talk to while driving 70 mph down Mopac with the top down.

And then some obnoxious telemarketer found my cell # and called me:

"Hello Mr. Finch, I represent JuJuBean Software Corporation and we have offices in
Bangalore and would like to partner with you, blah blah blah."

"Yeah, I'm not firing my developers and sending the work to India. Hey dude, how does this phone sound right now?"

"It is a little hard to hear you Mr. Finch. We have 4 million MSCE developers over here who will work for peanut butter and Triscuits if you have any."

"That's nice." I press my earbud button, and put my windows up.

"Voice Isolation Max", said my earbud in a pleasing male voice reminiscent of a newscaster.

"How does it sound now?" I queried.

"Oh that's much better Mr. Finch. Now we can code anything in 3 minutes no matter what it is and my CEO, Mr. Narijaniswamisami will be in Austin next week and he would very much like to meet with you..."

"No thanks, see ya."

I double click my earbud and it says - lovingly, "Call Terminated"

So now I've figured out that I can drive about 50mph with the windows up and have this thing in voice isolation mode and I can actually talk and be understood, not that I have that much to say that is useful in most cases.

I hate it when telemarketers call my cellphone. I realize they have a hard job. But quit it.