I'd tried bluetooth headsets and earbuds over the years, always with disappointing results.
Nobody could hear me, it was hard to connect it to my phone and it basically just didn't
ever work.

The folks at BlueAnt have figured it out. I love this thing. I hate to sound like a commercial,
but this video says it all.

I bought mine from a friend who had three of them. You can talk to this thing and it talks back.
Everyone can hear me and it works great. It's about 80 bucks.

I highly recommend this product. If a handsfree headset is useful for you, then get this thing.

They have them at BestBuy, Amazon, wherever.

I can't figure out from their website where the company is based. If you know where it is, drop me a line.

Curt is CEO of a project execution software company in Austin, TX