Is the same problem you will have with any other data storage.

You lack a librarian.

My company is 12 years old. We have a fileserver where we store documents. Those documents get old. Then people move them into a directory called 'old stuff'. Or they divide up the filespace with departmental folders. Then those get full. Sound familiar? After a while a zillion documents exist in a zillion places and nobody knows which one is current and correct (if any are).

So we got a wiki for internal use. Policies and procedures and training documentation and videos and all sorts of stuff is stored there. So now we have a wiki and a big filesystem.

Sometimes I want to assign someone the job of cleaning all that up and sometimes I have and progress was made. But making it a fulltime job - well that would be just overhead right now. So we struggle on, searching and eventually finding what we're looking for.

Surely there is a better way. Some sort of brilliant AI that can file and index and archive things?

Someone in the MIT lab must have already figured this out. I hope?

Curt runs a resource management software company (although not always all that well)