Here's my favorite story of the week. Apple had to put out a press release warning iPhone and iPod users that those little earbuds could come with a pop.

Apparantly, they are prone to building up static electricity and the result could mean more than your fingers snapping to the beat.

Don't worry, it's not likely to lay you out flat. More likely, the risk is just a pop in the ears similar to the kind you get from skooching around on the carpet in your socks. Still, who wants that in your ears.

The press release makes for interesting reading.

Apple advises the following:

- Avoid synthetic fibers since they can carry more of a charge. Try wearing natural fiber clothing. (In other words, invest in a new wardrobe?)

- Use anti-static hand lotion if you have dry skin (Does The Body Shop sell that?).

- Raise the humidity in the room with a humidifier (Uh huh.. I need a humidifier to listen to my iPod now?)

- Keep your iPhone or iPod out of the wind, as that increases the risk of static electricity (no tunes with the top down in the car anymore, I guess).

Just a little something to get your mind off exploding batteries.