$199 for an iPhone is tempting. It's the AT&T service plans that gives many folks pause. According to reports on Thestreet.com, AT&T is expected to announce a $10 a month price cut on their entry level plan this summer when the next iPhone model rolls out. That would be June 8th, if you're counting the days.

AT&T is wise to consider a price cut in this economy. I think by now they've sold an iPhone to all the early adopters and Apple faithful. If Apple and AT&T want to get serious about selling iPhones to real people, then they better come up with a pricing structure for real people.

Even with a $10 price cut, it's still outrageous paying the monthly nut on an iPhone. Right now, unlimited minutes are $99 a month. That doesn't include $30 a month for the data plan or other features. Again, $199 for the phone is tempting. Paying almost the same amount a month for the priviledge of using it; that's a whole other thing.

Meantime, T-Mobile will be releasing it's latest Google phone this summer. The G2 is expected to come in three colors (black, white and merlot) and include a 5 megapixel camera. It will be sold exclusively at Wal Mart for about $179.

Meanwhile the new Palm Pre is expected to also debut in June.

Next month will be an interesting month for smartphones.