Google is hosting it's annual I/O Developer's Conference in San Francisco. It started yesterday and ends today.

The big news, so far, is that Google has launched a new set of tools called Google Web Elements.
These are insanely easy Google widgets anyone can embed on their web site or blog; free for the taking, of course. In addition to the usual Google Search, there are maps, Youtube videos, customized Google Calendars and conversation feeds.

Of most interest to me; you can embed a widget of a Google Presentation slideshow or spreadsheet.

I'm most excited about the presentation feature. What a no-brainer way to post an info-mercial slide show on your site.

Other tidbits...

If you think developing an iPhone app is the get rich quick route out of the recession; don't get out of the unemployement line so fast. There are over a million apps available. At 99 cents a pop, number 35 on the "most popular" list makes about $20 a day.

I wanted to give you a review of Adobe Acrobat's new beta version of Presentations; a web-based PowerPoint knockoff going toe-to-toe with both Microsoft and Google. The screen grabs floating around the web look pretty slick. I tried to download it. Thirty minutes later the little spinny thing is still spinning. I'll try again later this week.