The Standish Group just released a new CHAOS report on IT failure, and it ain't pretty: "32 percent of IT projects were considered successful, having been completed on time, on budget and with the required features and functions. Nearly one-in-four (24 percent) IT projects were considered failures, having been cancelled before they were completed, or having been delivered but never used. The rest (44 percent) were considered challenged: They were finished late, over budget, or with fewer than the required features and functions."

The chairman of The Standish Group was surprised by the results, and attributes them to the economic recession. "With project managers and business stakeholders taking on more work due to layoffs, they have less time to devote to each project, to go to meetings, to help with requirements planning and to do all the other activities that promote project success." It sounds like IT managers could use help managing and allocating scarce resources.

Curt Finch is the founder & CEO of a resource management software company.