Who will win? Short answer: both!

This is supposed to be Microsoft's week. The new long-awaited Windows 7 operating system comes out tomorrow. Launch events are scheduled around the world. Microsoft and the PC Industry are planning to blitz consumers with bargains, bling and, er uh, did I mention bargains?

By Friday, you won't be able to swing a dead cat without hitting something pre-loaded with Windows 7.

That's tomorrow.

Right now, this week belongs to Apple. First Apple announced it's fourth quarter earnings, which just happened to be their best quarterly earnings report ever (Nine billion plus in gross profits, 1.67 billion in net profits). But that's mumbo jumbo for Wall Street and shareholders to wonk out to.

For consumers, both personal and business, more importantly is the announcement of new offerings in its Mac line. Apple is clearly not taking Windows 7 while laying down.

Their cheapest Macbook will stay with the $999 price tag; but it's getting a significant upgrade in style and power (including that much ballyhooed unibody and glass track pad).

There's also a new and improved Mac Mini, bigger screens with more pixels for the higher end models and even an upgraded mouse. No, Apple has not finally added a right click button. In fact, it got rid of the left click button too. The button-less mouse is basically a mouse with a glass track pad surface to be controlled by moving your finger around.

Sound like another Apple versus Microsoft cockfight?