Well, let me correct myself. Launch day means a whole lot to the company launching the product; more specifically to the sales and marketing departments.

Today is the official launch day of Microsoft's much anticipated Windows 7 operating system. Let me be clear, I think Windows 7 is a big deal. The actual launch of Windows 7 is another matter.

Tech companies especially live for launch day. Let's put it this way, if Windows 7 was a teenage girl; today would be her Sweet 16 party. Today is all about proverbial ballgowns, shelacked up-do's and first dances under moonlight.

For us consumers, the coverage may be interesting and pique our curiosity to see all the new features and get some of that first customer feedback. I always caution people, however, to let someone else be that first customer, especially when it comes to technology (and cars, for that matter).

Here's why:

1. The only user testing that really counts is testing by real customers. All the early reviews about Windows 7 are favorable. By all accounts its stable and elegant and secure. In other words, it's everything Windows Vista never was (meow!). That being said, it's technology. There will be bugs the beta testers, etc. didn't run up against. Let the hackers in Sweden and Singapore get a whack at it first. Believe me, they'll find the major holes that need to be fixed up front (and then the rest that crop up along the way will get fixed on patch Tuesday every month from there on).

2. The deals will only get sweeter. Microsoft and most of the major PC makers are offering all kinds of deals up front to woo a rush of customers (more on that later today). The deals are pretty good. But make no mistake, it's technology. You can always count on good deals. What costs a thousand dollars today will likely cost $799 just in time for the holidays; and $599 by Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday.

4.Avoid the rush! Even my mother who is a retiree in Florida is busy, busy, busy. Who has time to stand in line waiting or help or suffer through a slow download from an overwhelmed web site? Wait for the broo-ha-ha to die down and accomplish the same thing in a fraction of the time.

5. You just thought tech support was slow! If you are planning to upgrade an existing PC, what do you think the chances are that you will get through upgrading your entire operating system (Windows, no less) without needing tech support? How busy do you the lines will be during these first days and weeks? Do you really need it that bad, right now?

I'm just saying.