There's never a dull moment in technology, and the newest interesting thing that might come down the pipe is a battery that you can power by walking. CNN reports that nanotechnology researchers are working on making electrical power more efficient, and this is just one of the solutions they are looking into. "Even the simple act of moving your fingers while typing creates energy that could power a small device, and these researchers are showing that nanotechnology can enable this transformation."

Devices have been implanted into rodents, to generate electricity from the beating of their hearts.
This energy can be used to power certain devices embedded in the animal. Doing something
similar in humans is one step on the road to self augmentation - having your iPhone built into
your skull.

Prepare to be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

Curt works for Journyx, a time and project management solutions company. Clearly he has watched far too much Star Trek.