An article in ComputerWorld recently explored the effects a major tech project failure has on IT. Unfortunately, IT usually takes all of the blame for such failures, even if it is not all their fault. CIOs who put their name on a major project that then fails can even expect demotion. Chris Curran of Diamond Management & Technology Consultants says that "CIOs who enter into $200 million Oracle ERP projects know the stakes. These large programs- the multi-hundred-million-dollar, multiyear projects-they just create such a peak to fall from."

The funny thing is that many of these companies can have their needs met by less complicated solutions that pose significantly lower risk in money and resources. Too many decision-makers rush straight into the arms of large vendors like Oracle, only to be disappointed and potentially put their jobs on the line.

Curt works for Journyx, a time and project management solutions company.