WebWorkerDaily has published an interesting post on resistance to collaboration technology and how to overcome it. This kind of technology has made life easier for so many of us, especially those who are spread out across the globe, but you cannot reap the benefits without first taking the plunge. The blog writer lists the following as reasons why collaboration technology is worth it, to help you convince those who are unsure:

* Cost — Travel, when not impossible, is often more expensive than videoconferencing or IMs.
* Convenience — Technology allows you to communicate at any time through Twitter, text messaging, email, IMs or calls.
* Workplace pressure — The more your colleagues embrace this technology, the harder it will be for the others to stubbornly resist.
* Productivity benefits — Studies show that this type of technology helps you to get more done.
* Support — Offer support to colleagues who might be uncomfortable trying it out.
* Personalization — People think that face-to-face is essential, but the truth is that they can often be more informal via chat, tweets, etc.

When I was a kid people dreamed of videophones. Witness Dick Tracy as just one example. Now that everyone has the capability built into their computer, why is it that nobody seems to use it?

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