Gartner analysts recently presented at the IT Symposium in Orlando, Florida, asserting that "information technology departments are overloaded, missing the consumerization wave, and failing to use new developments to cut their budgets." There is also the idea that the following 5 "amplifying developments" that will upset the balance of power between users and IT professionals:

1. Software as a service
2. Open source
3. Cloud computing
4. Web 2.0
5. Consumerization

The reason for this is that technology is moving too fast, while " IT organizations typically spend six to eight years from initial conceptualization through selling, planning, testing and implementation of the first release."

Is it the case that IT shops are trying to prevent users from bringing in their own iPhones, Netbooks, and SaaS applications? If they're trying they're methods are ineffective from my vantage point.

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