At least they aren't hiding it! Mozilla admits that its Firefox web browser may be too much for smaller and thinner laptops.

Apparantly, Firefox requires a significantly high amount of CPU power to run the more media-rich sites. In other words, if you have a netbook or one of the trendy thin notebooks; Firefox could overheat, if not damage, your central processing unit (CPU).

The Mozilla support page addrsssing the problem has all kinds of fixes to offer; plug-ins, resetting this or disabling that.

I appreciate the tips. But, it begs a bigger question. Why would I do any of that rather than just use another browser?

I remember spending a lot of time ten years ago and then some covering the so-called browser wars between Internet Explorer and Netscape. It's hard to say Microsoft lost when IE remains the dominant browser in the world. However, there is clearly no monopoly as once feared.

PC users have plenty of choices: Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and others.

Choice is good. I can choose to not deal with putting my CPU at risk and just use something else.