I was watching Marc Benioff from Salesforce.com launch Chatter (the social networking app for Salesforce.com).

No surprises here. The video features a scruffy Benioff on a James Bond slick stage in front of a presentation screen the size of an IMax screen. He works the audience like a rock star while a carefully orchestrated multimedia demo of Chatter unfolds behind him.

This is nothing unusual. This is how high tech has been doing business for years (other industries are just as guilty. But, I feel like picking on high tech today.).

Steve Ballmer from Microsoft does it.

Steve Jobs does it in a turtle neck.

Here's my open plea to the tech industry.


Find a new way to unveil your products.

You are not rock stars. Mick Jagger is a rock star. Bono is a rock star. The Boss is a rock star.

You guys are really bright brainiac captains of industry who have bought your way into pretending you're a rock star with a lot of industry toadies enabling your fantasy.

There's something that looks slightly this side of meglomania about the CEO- focused launch presentation in front of a hand picked over- enthusiastic audience.

Find another way.

Where's the woman with the sledgehammer when you really do need her?