It looks like the hottest tech rumor of 2009 may have a coming out party scheduled for January 26th.

I'm talking about Apple's highly anticipated launch of some sort of iTablet; think netbook-size iPod/iPhone/iTouch (iThink!).

The Financial Times gets credit for getting confirmation from Apple that they have booked the hall at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco for some sort of product announcement on that day.

Fox News got someone from Apple to confirm the same thing afterwards adding that it's a product from the "mobile space". Those two words warranted Fox to deem their version an exclusive.

Let me be clear. I'm just passing on the 'deets and this is not an exclusive, nor is it "breaking news".

Whether it's true or not, pity Barnes and Noble.

I'm guessing the anticipated arrival of Apple's touchscreen tablet, which will likely be a game changer or game starter for the waiting-to-pop eBook "space", is going to really mess with that next wave of B&N Nook eBooks due out on February 1st.