AT&T just can't catch a break ("Poor You!" to quote Olivia Soprano).

As if Verizon's "there's a map for that" ad campaign isn't embarassing enough, Consumer Reports has just put out a new survey ranking U.S. wireless carriers. AT&T is the bottomfeeder of the list. Verizon is number one.

I would give you a link to the actual survey. But, it's available to subscriber's only. However, I got a look at those dots on the rankings. Remember that system? A red dot is great. Half a red dot next, then a clear dot, below par: a half black dot is bad and a filled in black dot - ouch!

Well let's put it this way; out of seven categories AT&T had one full black dot (voice) and four half black dots (phone, web site, issue resolved and staff knowledge). There was not a drop of red ink to be found. The other two categories were clear circles (web/e-mail and messaging).

Verizon had a full red circle in four areas (voice, messaging, staff knowledge and issue resolved). In the other three categories it scored half a red circle.

T-Mobile ranked #2 and Sprint came in at #3.

Stay tuned for Verizon's new ad campaign: there's a dot for that.