, a popular CRM solution vendor, is launching a new software solution called "Chatter" to go hand in hand with their current solution. BusinessWeek reports that Chatter will feature employee profiles and posts.

"I know more about these strangers on Facebook than I do about my own employees and what they're working on," [Salesforce CEO Marc] Benioff said during a speech at the company's Dreamforce conference in San Francisco. "I know when my friends went to the movies, but not when my VP of sales visited our top customer."

Salesforce also plans to let customers build their own Chatter apps.

$50/month per user is expensive for something you can get for free from Facebook. But Salesforce has shown an ability to get their prices - so far. As free software like SugarCRM makes inroads, I predict that they'll have to come down on those prices at some point.

Curt Finch is the founder & CEO of a resource management software company.