I recently wrote a post about how the desktop is still immensely popular among IT workers despite the rise of the smartphone. InformationWeek has just published a lengthy new article that questions this trend in the future:

The writer believes that the desktop is about to face "death and then transfiguration" thanks to SaaS, tablet PCs, apps and cloud computing, among other developments. For example, why would a user continue to use Microsoft Office on their desktop when they can use Google Docs from anywhere?

There is not doubt that the cloud is coming, that SaaS has caught on, that our usage of technology is changing. Why would you generate your own electricity when you can buy it from a power company?

And yet people do.

Mainframes have not died but they're not a growth market either. PC usage will become more specialized and different over time - but it will be a long time and they'll never go away completely.

Curt Finch writes for a project management blog as well.