Web Worker Daily recently posted a review of Snailmailr, an online mailing service. Basically, if you need to send a printed letter and don't want to deal with the post office, this service can help. Using Snailmailr, you can print your letter in the fonts and sizes you select, and you can print up to 2 pages in color at no extra cost. You can then mail the document anywhere in the world for 99 cents. For those of us who care about the environment, the site prints documents on recycled paper and uses carbon credits to offset emissions. The site's Amazon payment feature is nice—if you use Amazon (I have some friends that are Amazon haters, so that would be a deal killer.) I'm sure they'll provide other payment options at some point. Another next step would be for Snailmailr to receive specially formatted e-mails for print-and-sending operations.

Curt is the founder & CEO of a timesheet software company in Austin, Texas.