InfoWorld has published a funny article on the different types of 'geeks' that predominate in IT, including:

*The Empty Suit *(Hobbies include picking up chicks, most
resembles Steve Carrell in "The Office."

*The Scary Sys Admin* (Greatest accomplishment is holding the
network hostage by refusing to release passwords to the Empty Suit.)

*The Human Roadblock *(Hobbies include complaining; role model is

*The Angry Support Drone *(Role model is Michael Douglas in
"Falling Down.")

*The Ubergeek *(Identifying marks include sometimes confusing real
life with Second Life and unconscious "air typing.")

*The OS Fanboy *(Greatest accomplishment is sticking with Windows

*The Promiser *(Identifying marks include a used car salesman smile.)

*The Shadow *(Greatest accomplishment is taking a month-long
vacation without the boss noticing.)

Curt Finch writes for a project management blog as well.