File this under "Why didn't I think of that?" Here's a must-have product that debuted out of MacWorld last week in San Francisco; a wall socket with USB hook-ups.

Think how handy it would be to have at least one of these in every work area; a right- into- the- wall solution for charging up all those devices, like an iPod. No more bricks!

This would be great for hotel rooms (business travelers would be grateful), as well as conference centers and airport waiting areas.

The company FastMac will be selling these by June. Each wall socket, which features the typical dual socket, also has two USB sockets. They install like any other wall socket and will sell for $19.95, a modest investment.

Better to see what I'm talking about; right?

That's one of two reasons to watch the video below.

Introducing "TechTechMan". TechTechMan is a 13 year old boy with both a passion and technology expertise well beyond his years.

TechTechMan has his own Youtube channel with his regular videos of product reviews. Speaking as a twenty-plus year news veteran; the boy is damn good!

I wish TechTechMan well and some day when I'm ready to retire, I hope he gets this gig! (But that won't be anytime soon, TechTechMan. Check back when you graduate from college.)