has decided to allow developers to create applications for the Kindle, according to the New York Times. Next month, a beta group will receive the Kindle Development Kit that will enable them to create either "free applications, one-time paid applications, and applications that require a monthly subscription." Current Kindle owners need not fear — will remotely update your software so you can take advantage of applications too.

Part of the attraction of the internet in the first place was its ability to allow for millions of users with different operating systems and browser types to all interact with applications on the net without installing anything on their desktop machines. With the iPhone, Android and now your book reader we are clearly moving away from that to a place where we all get to manage hundreds of applications on disparate devices. When those apps are toys, I guess that's fine. When they become critical to your life, you have to start worrying about software management issues - bug, upgrades, viruses, backups, etc.

Haven't we kicked this thing into reverse sort of?

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